A café is not an office

Mobile Workers rejoice! You no longer need to work from home (with all the personal distractions) or work from a café where slow WiFi, no printers and the ever-present coffee drink blender prevents concentration and conference calls.

Whether you need a workplace for an hour, a day, or many times per month, we have the plan for you. Open work areas, private offices, or meeting rooms, all with lightning-fast WiFi, printer access, and coffee that doesn't cost $3 a cup.

What's Up?

#thirdworkplace is ideal for start-ups looking to develop their business without the commitment of a traditional office. #coworking #startup

It’s San Francisco Marathon weekend! #sfmarathon Good luck to all the participants. See you back here next week. #coworking #workspace

Come in, sit down, and start working. We've designed our shared workspace to be simple so you can focus on your business. #coworking

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Business owners, marketing teams, freelance workers, and creative artists often find that they need a space in which to practice their craft or tackle some work-related assignments. Perhaps their business place is currently undergoing renovations, or maybe they are just starting their own business and don’t have a dedicated space in which to work. In […]

Startup Transition and Scaling: the benefits of coworking

how third workplace can help your San Francisco area startup grow in a coworking community It looks like you’ve got it all figured out – that bright idea you spent months hashing out with your business partners over coffee have finally paid off. After moving mountains and jumping hurdles, you finally have a tangible and […]

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